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So what are we all about you say? Well The Country Caravan is quite simply put a bunch of folks who have a firm belief in maintaining the true country music tradition and gives those folks the opportunity to better present their music to the people. It has became increasingly difficult to hear many of the great real country artists from the past and today because much of country radio in general has chosen to play a select few artists that they are calling country, and they use that term quite loosely for the most part at least in my humble opinion. I prefer to call it pop country when using more polite terms:)

Now don't get me wrong I enjoy a little music of all kinds. In fact I tried quite a few things in my own lifetime. I had all The Beatles, Rolling Stones & etc growing up and I believe that everyone has the right to play or listen to whatever music that they wish. However, the problem that I do have is when they take and try to combine rock, pop & country and then try to convince me that is country music. Seems everyone is seeking to crossover these days but as for me I wanna hear real country when I turn to a country channel. If I ever wanna hear jazz, rock n' roll or pop I'll turn it to that station just like I used to:) As the great Ray Price says heck you can't blame the kids they growup thinkin' that is country music.
The problem tho goes much deeper than just trying to force-feed us the same 20 or so pop country acts off as being country. The problem is that they have done it at the expense of many of the real country music singers. Folks are always coming up to me and saying whatever happened to so & so and when I tell them they are still alive and well and out there touring & recording they seem a bit confused. The usual response that I hear is heck I thought they had passed away a long time ago. So in order to help bring our music to the people and let them know that neither the music nor the singers of country music are all gone. They are still out there performing it. Therefore I felt we needed to band together and bring the music to the people the same way they did back then. That is what I set out to do with The Country Caravan.

I am constantly amazed at the talents of many of these independent country artists that so very few people have heard of and even more amazed by the talented young people who are still singing great traditional country music somehow passed down to them because they surely aren't hearing on their fm radio. I know that it's become nearly impossible to find it on mine. Anyways I could go on forever but I'll climb down from my soapbox for now at least lol. To sum it all up as it is about real country folks helping to keep the country in our country music and the best way that I know that I can do that is by returning back to the past & the travelin' shows.


JK Coltrains Country Caravan
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