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Howdy I'm J. K. Coltrain and I'd like to welcome ya'all to The Country Caravans little house on the web.

I started The Country Caravan in order to help promote TRUE country music to fans from around The World. I remembered my childhood days growing up and watching & listening to shows like The Opry, The Louisiana Hayride, The Midwestern Hayride & The Camel Country Caravan. All that I cared about is how to get my hands on an acoustic guitar for beginners. I just wanted to play! In fact, many members of my own family and lots of my friends were regular performers on those great shows. So it was always my dream to someday follow in their footsteps and perform on those very same great shows. Unfortunately by the time I had grown most of them had already come and gone. The Opry still remained but the old travelin' shows had pretty much ceased to exist.
That's one reason why it became so important to me to carry on that family tradition as it's getting harder & harder to see those kinda shows anymore. I was bound and determined not to let REAL traditional country music fade away as a long forgotten memory like many of those great shows did and thus the idea of The Country Caravan came to be.

Our mission is to quite simply to travel from town to town with the best traditional country artists of yesterday & today showing folks that country music is still very much alive and doing quite well, thank you:)

We are hoping that all of you that are true country music fans will show us your support and jump on The Country Caravans bandwagon and come out to see us when our little band of nomads, (that I call The Posse), comes to your neck of the woods. So just think of us as the working mans Opry on wheels lol.

JK Coltrains Country Caravan

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